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13 TRAITOR Republicans give Biden Infrastructure Win!…

House Democrats passed their $1.2 trillion Infrastructure after 13 Traitor Republicans switched sides, giving Biden a MASSIVE win.

• The Vote tally passed in the dead of night was 228-206, making those 13 republicans key to Biden’s win.

• The 13 TRAITOR Republicans who gave Biden a HUGE win:
Don Bacon of Nebraska
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio,
John Katko of New York
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Nicole Malliotakis of New York
David McKinley of West Virginia
Tom Reed of New York
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Fred Upton of Michigan
Jeff van Drew of New Jersey
Don Young of Alaska.

• Read the Disastrous bill the Republicans passed HERE

• This is one of two bills the Republicans will help Biden pass

• the Second bill they want to pass has an even heftier price tag of $2 Trillion

• The Second bill is known as the Social bill, which will waste money on free healthcare for Illegal Aliens, Education, giving illegal aliens 450K each, climate change, and politicizing the IRS.

• The final price tag for the Democrats’ disastrous spending package is 3 Trillion, way larger than the original $2.75 Trillion they wanted.

• The Bill is now going to Biden desk to be signed

• Republican Steve Scalise sent a final Warning – “This is going to induce more inflation that is hurting families all across America,”

We will update this report when the spineless Republicans give Biden another 2 Trillion to give Illegals free money, healthcare, and education instead of Americans.

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  1. Cowards and traitors all.
    Why don’t you people just raise the white flag. You SOB’s have just given our country to the enemy ( China and Russia).

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